A passionate
multimedia journalist .

I’m Mai Dornelles Guzik

I am a collector of eclectic experiences. I once rode a racing bike down a mountain in Bolivia at maximum altitude of 4650 meters above sea level. I helped to built schools, houses and libraries in Peru. I have been in the middle of the Atacama Desert for three consecutive days during Carnival eating just bread and water.

I ride liquid walls of salt water that propel me into a state of relaxation. I am known for sculpting bodies of clay and bringing them to life. I present inspirational speeches that lead armies into battles. 

I breed a 16 years old cat, love playing acoustic guitar, love singing and used to perform open-mic shows at a karaoke house.

I am a dreamer. A risk taker. A backpacker. I follow my heart.

I love life…A lot.
Nice to meet you.

“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.” –
R. Luce, Henry

My experience.

Content specialist at What.Digital, Zurich

Content production for clients ▫️ Jul 2020 - Oct 2020

▪️Created and executed social media campaigns on TikTok & Instagram ▪️Coordinated and managed influencers for exclusive partnerships for clients ▪️Developed concepts and campaigns for online communication strategies for each client ▪️Performed background researches to conceive creative content i▪️Video editing for social media content, google & Facebook Ads content

Communication Director at Influenza Produções, Brasília

Project Management Communication Team ▫️ Feb 2019 - Oct 2019

▪️Managed a team of around 12 people ▪️Developed media plans for entertainment and customer-focused events ▪️Developed communication strategies clients and managed teams to execute the planning ▪️Managed social media channels daily ▪️Responsible for delegating tasks to coordinators and staff as well as managing communication with production staff Invented and created Marketing campaigns

Editor-in-Chief at We Pick, São Paulo

Online editor and social media curator ▫️ Feb 2016 - May 2017, Aug 2017 - Feb 2019

▪️Curate, write and edit original content to be published on the We Pick website ▪️Develop a framework to automate content production in order to facilitate daily content management and scale up the webpage ▪️Develop social media strategy and set-up key performance indicators framework Manage channels on daily basis (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) ▪️Organize and pitch articles for the website; responsible for delegating tasks to collaborators

Public Relations at Pop Press, São Paulo

PR agent for the luxury brands sector ▫️ Nov 2017 - Nov 2018

▪️Wrote press releases to promote clients ▪️Managed key accounts and connected key stakeholders to clients to the press; arranged conferences and other events, composed web copy and created newsletters ▪️Developed PR strategies and drew media attention to clients through print, online and/or broadcasting ▪️Developed stories covered through paper, magazine, website or tv/radio programme

Executive Producer at ELLE Brasil, São Paulo

Executive producer, finance and editorial magazine ▫️ May 2017 - Aug 2017

▪️Led productions, planned budgets, organised and managed entire photo shoots and fashion films for the magazine worldwide ▪️Liaised with clients to maintain customer satisfaction during and after the project ▪️Initiated and managed complex projects under significant time pressure and within an international set-up ▪️Managed teams of over 30 people ▪️Produced international magazine covers and photo shootings ▪️Produced Branded video and photos content for labels as Nike, Ellus & Forum ▪️Managed teams of over 30 people

Executive Producer at Vogue Brasil, São Paulo

Producer and online writer for TV Vogue ▫️ May 2016 - May 2017

▪️Lead and managed a high-performing team and developed new shows and campaigns ▪️Helped to develop and drive the vision for content production across multiple products and formats, including short-form social content, digital webisodes, live coverage, and broadcasts/series ▪️Scouted for additional opportunities to develop new shows and content, leveraging advanced technologies and a deep understanding of the constantly evolving marketplace ▪️Researched and developed key performance indicators for online channels

More Info.

Technical Skills

▪️Design and Editing Tools ▫️ Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro X.

▪️Online Marketing and Office Tools ▫️ Google Analytics and AdWords, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)


▪️São Paulo Digital School, Brazil ▫️ Nov - Nov 2017 ▫️ Public Relations Course RP 2.0

▪️New York University, New York, USA ▫️ Sep - Nov 2014 ▫️ Social Media for Journalist course

▪️New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism School, New York, USA ▫️ Sep - Nov 2012 ▫️ Broadcast Journalism course

▪️Universidade de Brasília, Brasília, Brazil ▫️ 2007 - 2012 ▫️ Bachelor Communication and Journalism


▪️English Proficient

▪️Portuguese Native speaker

▪️French Beginner

▪️Spanish Beginner

▪️German B1