The Dark side
of Zurich’s Insurance Brokers Business

The Dark side of Zurich’s Insurance Brokers Business

04Mar, 2021

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That’s what the new upcoming movie “Die Einheit” promises to show you in a suspenseful thriller driven story produced by the Les Enfants Terribles

Suspense, blackmail, money and sex in the heart of Switzerland’s: Zurich. That is what you will see from the upcoming movie “Die Einheit” (Units in English). Produced by Les Enfants Terribles Studios, the trailer just recently released gives us a small taste of this psychological thriller movie that dives deeper into the complexities of the insurance broker industry.

The film revolves around this business, in which the main character is a megalomaniac and money-hungry person that gets rich at the expense of others. In doing so, he loses all reference to reality, which leads to a face-off with his inner demons. Lucas Diebold is the actor playing the protagonist but also being the director of the film. Besides managing the production, Diebold aside with Gregory Koefer managed to launch the movie  during COVID times; an outstanding piece of art worth watching.

You got excited, right?! Yes! Me too. But fasten your seatbelts, kids, and wait until next spring 2021 when the movie will be released. Until then, keep it on your radar and get a little bit more of the movie flavour since we had the chance to interview Lucas Diebold. And you can see a spoiler of it in the official movie trailer!

What was the inspiration of Die Einheit? 

I am and I have always been a massive film fanatic. Also, as a self-described dreamer (of sorts), I’ve always dreamt of one day joining the illustrious pantheon of the world’s greatest film makers. I also love my city of Zurich so much that I wanted our first feature film to be made in Switzerland.

We were self-financed and had a relatively small budget, but we still wanted to create and tell an authentic story. Zurich is a finance driven city, so naturally I have been closely associated with the world of money directly and indirectly, therefore I have come across a lot of useful information that I have been able to apply to this passionate project.

– How was this experience of making a movie during a pandemic and what were the challenges of it?

Yes, we did shoot this picture during the Covid-19 pandemic. The conditions were kind of like being next to a ticking time bomb where you are not sure if the explosive is going to detonate in your face or not. We knew that if someone on the main team got infected, the whole shoot would be over for an indefinite time-frame. 

There were some scenes where we wanted to shoot with more people, but it was simply an impossible task to accomplish due to the virus, so we improvised and adapted the story accordingly. We were obligated morally and professionally to abide the BAG (Switzerland’s equivalent of U.S.A.’s CDC Department) health code requirements.

– What do you expect to change in this industry after the pandemic?

I think we all need to learn to live with this virus as it is now. It’s becoming fairly certain that this pandemic will not be the final virulent crisis we will face during our lifetimes. The way of consuming visual content is already changing before our eyes – especially during all these global lockdowns. 

It was very difficult for us to maneuver and adapt our vision throughout the shooting, but we were resilient as a team, and this motivated us to become a stronger unit as everyday went by.

– Will the movie have other languages translated for more accessibility?

Yes and no. At the moment we only plan to have the movie subtitled in German, French and English, but we may be able to subtitle and dub many other languages based on the movie’s potentially progressive success. In the future though, we definitely intend to produce more internationally minded films, as a team.

Die Einheit Credits
Vision: Lucas Diebold
Director: Lucas Diebold
Story: Lucas Diebold & Cenk Korkmaz
Cinematography: Gregory Koefer
Screenplay: Cenk Korkmaz
Visual Concept: Gregory Koefer
Editing Coloring: Gregory Koefer
Produced: Lucas Diebold & Gregory Koefer
Stylist: Daniela Correia


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